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Venous Stasis


Symptoms of Blood Clotting and Circulatory Problems

Venous stasis refers to a condition in which blood flow slows down or completely stops.

Prolonged immobility, general anaesthesia, or extended travel can slow the repetitive muscular contractions that help to pump blood through the veins and return it to the lungs. As the stagnant blood pools in the veins, clotting factors accumulate and a clot forms. Patients with venous stasis are at higher risk of forming deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Venous stasis can lead to complications such as stasis dermatitis - a skin change associated with varicose veins and varicose eczema.

Compression therapy can be used to support treatment of venous stasis by increasing venous blood flow velocity, supporting the capillaries and venous valves.