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Supply Chain

We Source Quality Wool From Around The World

Encircle Medical Devices works with its parent company The Merino Company (TMC) to ensure the supply of the highest quality, pure merino.

From Farm to Pharmacy

About The Merino Company

TMC is a vertically integrated company encompassing the entire merino supply chain, from fibre production, through to textile processing and manufacturing.

It has four interrelated divisions working together to provide customers with a quality, consistent, differentiated wool supply: Growers, Manufacturers, Local Solution Providers, and Brands.

TMC has a unique relationship with leading wool-growers throughout Australia and South Africa. It works with proactive and customer focused supply chain partners and manufacturers in China, Europe, India, Mauritius and Vietnam; from organically certified top making facilities, through to quality driven garment makers.

It has assembled a network of knowledgeable industry professionals in Europe, Japan and North America to build strong relationships and sales with the world's best retail, apparel and textile brand customers.

TMC provides customers with natural wool solutions from sheep to shelf (S2S). It does this by seeking out the world's best retail, apparel and textile brand customers and striving to understand their needs for innovative wool products. TMC then manages the supply chain literally from grower through to the customer, or works with the customer's existing supply chain partners. More than just delivering a wool garment to customers, TMC delivers the product to create a fully packaged wool solution.

TMC is proud to be at the forefront of environmental supply chain management, ensuring the sustainability of both the materials used, and those that supply them.

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